Cats ew people face mask

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You should still drop out of the presidential race. You’re best case for the office is our current president is an incompetent narcissist. You riding Obama’s coattails is a complete waste of time. You are the problem, not the solution. Please drop out. I had it and it’s better than having a cold. Cats ew people face mask. So in the end we will just develop heard immunity quicker and since the mortality rate is low we will have in reality done a better job…

Cats ew people face mask

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face mask – detail

Rise up to the role now so the vote comes easy with confidence in November. Covid will still be with us if you are elected, other than wearing a mask what are you proposing. Only one of them mean thing revealed over the weekend while he was golfing! What in the actual! You all know he going to cheat too! Cats ew people face mask. Hope there’s a plan to block that. At least he is not afraid to leave his basement. And he is not taking a salary – did you ever do anything for this country and not take your salary and all the ,ones laundering and crooked deals you could make. Another weekend golfing and tweeting. Such hatred and toddler behavior from the weakest president ever! So glad Biden is running for President. Put your trust on a leader who knows what he’s doing

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