Charlotte Hornets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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Things are going exactly as God wants them to. Although we should still pray for peace, God is in control. He never sleeps Or slumbers. He isn’t surprised at the events taking place. He’s allowing it for His proposes. Trust God. Not man.. Yes, and you should have taken a stand when you had a chance. Our country is failing miserable.. Pretty swift consequences about how they feel about you, sir. You betrayed America by not asking the vote to be audited. And you betrayed Israel by your inaction. Don’t shift the blame, sir. It sits squarely on your shoulders. America will never trust their elections again. Another thing that YOU own.. Just think if the election fraud would have been looked I to, this would not be going on and Joe would not be president.. Politicizing the issue again, when you guys should call for a ceasefire, deescalate it and preach peace to both countries in question. Do you know hundreds of innocent lives have lost in the conflict? Charlotte Hornets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Charlotte Hornets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Can’t help but see you as two faced now. . I prayed that you would do the right thing with the election. Wanna explain that you POS?. Pence you have shown your true colors!! You will never be trusted by the true republicans ever again.. Why is it that Mike has turned away from the One True Faith of Jesus Christ in Catholicism? Just wondering. You did not do as the majority of Americans knew you could have legally done, but, I guess we have no choice when a swamp overtakes the laws. p.. If you tried to stand by our President Trump and did not succeed that I could understand, but you bailed on him and all the Americans that voted for him. You did NOT do the right thing. we are so disappointed in you.. Mr. Vice President, can you explain what happened between you and President Trump and why you did what you did? I have always respected you, and felt you were a great leader, but it appears that you betrayed President Trump by your actions in the end. Thank you for your time. Charlotte Hornets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Charlotte Hornets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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