Cheech & Chong Car Sunshade

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Law says it’s up to govenors that’s what their paid for if trump would have over ridden the govenors you would have called him a dictator lol he gave the ppl a chance to see who they voted in yo lead them. Cheech & Chong Car Sunshade.  I think there alot of ppl that know now that their family is dead I mean who the hell sends sick ppl to the nursing homes knowing its worst on the elderly and compromised.

Cheech & Chong Car Sunshade

Cheech Chong Car Sunshade

This is an excellent display. Trumps incompetence clearly Exist. No need to holler or shout, it is plain as day. Not sure if Trump will last the month. They may need to impeach him again, if he knew Russia had bounty’s on the lives of American Soldiers. If he did and anyone who votes no, will be out as well. Cheech & Chong Car Sunshade. And given the advance warning system, Obama/Biden had in place it could have been minimal! Any other President, US would have been leading the world. Even if he had reacted when it was in his briefings early January thousands of lives would have been saved. Or even if he’d supported CDC guidelines. This makes me sick. Don’t you feel a little safer with him on a golf course? I’d rather he just stay there and not meddle in our lives or endanger more lives with his cult rallies.

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