Chevrolet American Flag Steel Tumbler

Do you want it? Full color, available in a few days. Chevrolet American Flag Steel Tumbler. Buy it today before we sell out.



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To prey on the need of the people (healthcare is not a choice people make, but a basic need), is both immoral and illegal in most of the world. Profiteering on healthcare is, therefore, criminal behavior. That’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a known fact. Disprove it, sad old boomer. Chevrolet American Flag Steel Tumbler. Profit is not profiteering, grasshopper. Is all profit of any kind bad? When is profit a good thing, grasshopper? When you give a reasoned response to these questions, much will be revealed, grasshopper.

Chevrolet American Flag Steel Tumbler

Chevrolet American Flag Steel Tumbler - 20oz
Tumbler – 20oz

What ticks me off is in this pandemic our medical professionals are having to beg for supplies. In our town they’ve been asking on Facebook for donations. We have groups sewing clothe masks. This is not acceptable. Our hospitals and all other facilities should have a stockpile. People in this country don’t see past their own nose. Compassion for others is non existent. Unless it affects each person it doesn’t matter. It’s really quite sad. We have a broken and dysfunctional government and economic system. Chevrolet American Flag Steel Tumbler. People at the time of a crisis like we are currently encountering should not have to worry about whether they will lose their job, home and health insurance. Most of us just lost a good chunk of our retirement, so this additional stress is just shortening our lives. The US is not rated that high for quality of life.

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