Chibi Avengers Reflection shirt, tank top and longsleeve tee

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You say you’re “just wondering” as if you hadn’t already made up your mind about “those people. Chibi Avengers Reflection. Yea, but not when one identifies him/herself as a non-binary.

Chibi Avengers Reflection

Chibi Avengers Reflection tank top
tank top
Chibi Avengers Reflection sweatshirt
Chibi Avengers Reflection longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee

I would accept that when a team of certified doctors confirms non-binary is a thing. Not when Holywood tells me so. Valeri Paunov you can identify as whatever you’d like. It doesn’t affect me one way or another. See how that works? Coming from a place of privilege and lack of empathy. Instead of feeling lucky that you were born in the body you should have been or identifying with the gender society associates with your genitals you are being smug and judgmental. By the way language changes and adapts all the time to adjust the societal needs so stop pretending it doesn’t to defend your prejudices! How about those people just lie? Chibi Avengers Reflection. If they call themselves plural means they see themselves a man and a woman at the same time. You do realize that’s impossible, don’t you? You mistaken transgender people with non-binary…. I know it’s confusing. I don’t know if English is your native language, but they has been used as a singular pronoun since the 1500s. Peter Stephen how do they know they were born in the wrong body ? How do you not know that they were born in the right body but just have a problem accepting that ?? Surely that is the more logical situation ! They can’t change their bodies 100% but they can change their mindset 100% !!Surely – since they can never transition fully to the opposite sex (and therefore they will never accept who they truely are) – the world should instead be encouraging them to accept the body they have in order to be happy in themselves !

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