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It’s always hilarious that when any of us real folk call a Russian troll page out for what it is, an equally obvious and pathetic troll page like yours tags into the argument. Chicago proud hawaiian shirt. Sorry Ivan… Not this year.

Chicago proud hawaiian shirt

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No man those pages might be Russian or whatever but American dollars and American interests are paying for them. So, what? Your statement doesn’t make sense. Are you saying that CNN should not report daily on Covid? Ignore it the way potus does or Fox news? Pamela Reimel how about all the Media Networks and the lies they been reporting over decades. I don’t trust none of the news networks especially Fox News or Brexit! Chicago proud hawaiian shirt. But I do like when News Networks replay the actual replay scenes from the horses mouth. If you gonna push one out, push them all out. I take CNN any day over Fox News! They all know more than what they report. maybe you’re just a little bit of a wackadoodle. You can’t handle CNN because it tells the truth and you can’t handle that you rather live in your crazy world. People die every day from other things too. Isn’t it strange how much the deaths from the regular flu dropped dramatically this year? It is called freedom of the press! If thousands were dying everyday of anything I would expect that to be news worthy. If it wasn’t being covered I would worry about our rights as Americans. Appreciate don’t blame the news! obviously you can’t handle the truth CNN reports that truth as best they can! Fox News and Trump lie lie lie and you believe it sorry for you.

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