Chicken lovers filter face mask

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I qualified for expanded unemployment that will literally get us through until I can get back to my job after the pandemic quarantine has been lifted here, we will also be going forward as we have since 2015 and will be giving our families vote to you here in NY, what Bernie has given to us has no measure ,a powerful voice we didn’t have before and a movement to use it , we will continue to work with you Bernie. Keep voting for Bernie in the primaries folks! Suspending his campaign amidst a global pandemic was the right move and despite what the mainstream media headlines say he did not “drop out”. Chicken lovers filter face mask. If you havent voted for Bernie in your state yet it’s not too late.

Chicken lovers filter face mask

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Thank you Bernie. We will build on our movement. The best thing that came from your campaign is the hope that one day we will deserve someone like you. I thank you for your tremendous service to our country and for continuing to fight for those you don’t know. Bernie Sanders, you are a fucking hero. We are here! going off script, off the beaten path, so thankfully.. the change is upon us in so many ways. we will never stop fighting for what is true and right and good in this world. thank you for everything! we are here! we are here! we are here. Chicken lovers filter face mask. Bernie, my family and I will vote for you in the Oregon primary. However, we will NOT be pressured to vote for Joe Biden. Change will never occur if we compromise our values and ourselves in exchange for the lesser of two evils.

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