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I still feel cheated out of an amazing first female president! Hillary is articulate, brilliant, forward thinking, and would have accomplished greatness in her presidency. Hoping whomever gets the Democratic nomination, considers her as their running mate. Woops, excuse me, folks. Chiefs I’ll Be There For You. Ms. Clinton, I look forward to your documentary and am so sorry that you have trashed within and without. You have been a great leader and keep your head above the fray. You are a principled and awesome woman. Your perspective is so needed these days and I admire your tenacity. Thank you so very much, Jude Hanxo

Chiefs I’ll Be There For You Shirt

Chiefs I'll Be There For You V-Neck

After I watched the Frontline episode bio of the 2 candidates (you and Trump) in 2016, I understood more about who you were and my admiration for you grew enormously. I look forward to seeing this next documentary. Thank you for all your service to the country, Mrs. President. Chiefs I’ll Be There For You. You are an inspiration. I’m still brought to tears that this wonderful, accomplished woman was cheated out of her rightful place in history by an amoral traitor bent on ruining America in the pursuit of profit and validation. He, and a few others, made her too toxic for today’s politics and she’ll never get her chance to be POTUS-unlike Biden, who’s a faint echo of her insight and brilliance. Hilary. I worked for the Senate for some time -years ago and I know politics well. I have always respected you but back then I also felt that you were so constrained by party politics. You seemed stiff, over-rehearsed and frankly, hesitant to connect to your electorate on a personal and emotional level. Since that Presidential loss, I think you’ve let go of the “formula to get elected” and have found yourself. And the courage to be you. I think we all can really see you, now – your personality is warm, you are persuasive and ready to stand your ground no matter what anyone else says.

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