Chihuahua girl therapist best friend poster

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I am just glad the recall is getting national attention. This state needs someone who can actually manage it and cares.. I would like to know why the frontline workers in the ICU taking care of Covid patients didn’t get the vaccine first , why did Rady get it first !. Thank you Gov. Newsom for working so hard to get us this vaccine!!! Protect our health care workers!!!! I can lay low until more arrive.. Well Gavin, Now that you have told, us this morning, that the virus kills people and is very bad, are you going to heed your own warnings and restrictions!?. Recall this clown!!! . When he’s ousted we need to get very involved in our state representatives who go to Sacramento. Honestly, they should have put up a fight when he sent them home and started ruling without their input. They are just as guilty as he is. He’ll be recalle… See More Chihuahua girl therapist best friend poster

Chihuahua girl therapist best friend poster

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I have to admit that I’m in no hurry to get vaccinated, even though my immune system is comprised and I have asthma. My lifestyle is like quarantine. I haven’t left home unnecessarily for almost 3 years.. That’s why California ranks 44th. Chihuahua girl therapist best friend poster OCREGISTER.COM California lags far behind other states in COVID-19 vaccination rates. It’s deeply unclear how one goes about getting one. Not for myself but my FIL.. I have not been able to find any information on how members of priority group 1b will be organized and scheduled. Is there a plan for this? Thanks.. I don’t see any evidence of this in my county.. all of the hate on here is so ridiculous…if you don’t want one, shut up and stand aside for the rest of us… Here in Monterey County they haven’t even received enough vaccines to get through our front line workers, healthcare and teachers. This is a mess. You need a better plan. I’d love to get the vaccine but no one can even tell me how to sign up.

Chihuahua girl therapist best friend poster

Hate to say it. Work harder! Our state is not doing a good job getting this vaccine out. Our % given of doses is below the average in the US. That is not acceptable.. So happy to have just received my first vaccine dose and I feel great! There IS light at the end of this very long tunnel if we all keep up the precautions for now and get vaccinated as soon as possible!. Tell me where I can get it? Not at Kaiser yet. Does this mean the vaccine is starting to be available for non essential workers now?. Too bad it’s still only for Tier 1 and they have stated that there is not enough vaccine to go around for everyone over 65 anyway.. Do not take this vaccine!! Wait….more info is coming in, dangerous . That’s sure not happening here in Butte County.. How come Stockton doesn’t have a super vaccine center? Do we get left out like a stepchild?

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