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Um, no! A CEO has earned the right to be there via the education that they pursue or the product that they invent and then make available to the public. The people that work under them are not entitled to the same amount of money or even close to.. How about challenge yourself push yourself strive to be better keep pushing. Minimum wage jobs arent meant to be careers. A good CEO brings more value to his company in one day than one of the lower workers does in a year.. Why is McDonald’s always used as an example? One would think it is the only minimum wage job out there. Many adults work jobs that pay only slightly above minimum wage, but general perception seems to be that those people are much better paid than they really are.. Hazel R. May Chihuahua with sunflower usa independence flag I wish every single minimum wage employee would pick the same day to not show up.

Chihuahua with sunflower usa independence flag

If people want more than minimum wage, get more than minimum skills. You will never have income equality because you do not have effort equality.. That’s not greed, it’s the proper allocation of capital for the value derived from the labor.. $15 isn’t a living wage in so many areas. We’ve been on that for a decade. We should demand $25 & tie it to whatever index so we don’t have to keep having this heartless debate. It should just go up automatically.. If you don’t like your paycheck, then become one of those “greedy” business owners and start your own business and deal with the aggravation of dealing with regulations, building a customer base , etc.. Second, raise the minimum wage to $15, and watch how many companies invest in self checkout, order taking technology! You will have more people on unemployment! Companies will not lose money, the cost to us will go up!! $15 and hour minimum means a pay decrease for anyone making that or above! Chihuahua with sunflower usa independence flag

Chihuahua with sunflower usa independence flag

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