Chihuahua you are my sanity poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Chihuahua you are my sanity poster. Order now before lose it forever.


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Another ridiculous try at control. We know the truth and we know we need to vote red across the board to get rid of problems like yourself. It’s crystal clear Dianne. America needs a change. You’ve proved after all these years that you are incapable of… See More. Pay no attention to the haters, Senator. Now more than ever we need accurate information.. Thank you Senator Feinstein!. It’s imperative that we all vote #red. They will move the country forward and the democrats will move us backwards.. Fact: Your driver was a Chinese spy. And who controls this Madame Feinstein?. Some feedback regarding Rumor Control. They could make the page a bit easier to look at instead of lots of scrolling. Like have each subject in two lines, and then expand on clicking. Information density is important. #TrumplicanFromCalifornia because Democrats suck. Then no one should be able to speak at all. The end. Because there is disinformation from both sides. Chihuahua you are my sanity poster

Chihuahua you are my sanity poster

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Chihuahua you are my sanity poster 3
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I never heard him say he was going to use the courts to illigitimately claim the Presidency.. Explain why you Dems are trying to keep officials from OBSERVING the vote counting? Why don’t you want anyone to see what you’re doing?. Go give him a hug maybe that will work.. Your key phrase, Senator, is “in accordance with the law”.. The POTUS is not trying to illegitimately claim the presidency. Every legitimate ballot should be counted. The POTUS simply wants to confirm that each ballot counted is legitimate. You should have no problem with that.. I have to show my ID to buy cough medicine. Yet no one asked me for a thing when I vote. . No he is doing the legal thing since many have denied poll watchers. Biden hasn’t claimed a win. It’s Trump who claimed he won. Just look at the votes counted. Biden is currently ahead. It’s a statistical fact. Chihuahua you are my sanity poster

Chihuahua you are my sanity poster

I forever walked away from the Democrat party in 2012 as the party has become unhinged and dangerous.. So far the information turned over to the FBI by that crazy old man Giuliani, has been debunked. Keep trying.. I voted republican all the way. Hope you do too. Thank you Senator.. I won’t miss voting for PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP! Thanks so much for the reminder, Senator Feinstein. So TIRED of Democrats blaming everything on Russian mis-information. When are you going to be investigating the Hunter Biden Scandal???? I have ye… See More. Go Big Joe. MY VOTE MATTERS! #TURNCARED. Trump 2020, for our Freedom NOT socialism.. Thank you for your tireless efforts. Hoping for a big democratic win soon!. Vote Red California!!. We all voted!. CA has been shown to cheat in elections. Push hard for Voter ID.. Vote red California!!! It’s a matter of living like it is or better like it was.

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