Chiropractor’ Prayer Poster

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You wouldn’t have let this happen like this, can’t stop it from happening but can be proactive and prepared. You would have listen to the scientist, wouldn’t have cut funding from the CDC, listen to the doctors in other words the experts. You would have had testing stations ready and on standby and limited travel abroad including cruise lines. I live in Kansas and people have gone crazy mad over toilet paper, buying way beyond their essential needs, it’s nonsense. I’m not scared but using common sense. Chiropractor’ Prayer Poster. Trump is behind the curve, not doing his job and still trying to make a buck from a possible vaccine.

Chiropractor’ Prayer Poster

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Poster – A2
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A4

I did not vote for him, but I’ve been very impressed by Ohio’s governor DeWine letting health experts influence his decisions. Chiropractor’ Prayer Poster. Showing real empathy for people and putting plans in place to support those economically impacted. I don’t care for many of his policies, but I am impressed with Gov. DeWine’s (R-OH) handling of the situation and allowing the EXPERTS to inform his response. We are very fortunate here in NE Ohio to have access to some of the best healthcare providers on the planet (and that is not an exaggeration). Nevertheless, we will persist. Governor Cuomo has been a great leader on Covid 19. I’m proud he’s my Governor. He’s keeping all of us informed and taking the lead on many things, including setting up the first drive-thru testing in New Rochelle.

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