Christmas Stitch Merry Kissmyass shirt, tank top, hoodie, sweatshirt

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The witnesses testimony gave no evidence of lies, bribery or extortion from the President at all! Christmas Stitch Merry Kissmyass. Only the witnesses personal opinions and misinterpretation!

Christmas Stitch Merry Kissmyass

Christmas Stitch Merry Kissmyass tank top
tank top
Christmas Stitch Merry Kissmyass sweatshirt
Christmas Stitch Merry Kissmyass hoodie

That’s hearsay, not factual evidence! Don’t be so naive! You need to inform yourself on the very principles of a strong Nation, including who’s working, who’s generating wealth, who’s keeping the wealth, who’s striving for all manner of betterment….seek and find. How difficult would it be to choose between the testimony of a decorated soldier versus that of an elected official who thinks running the country is little more than a comical TV show? Will you please tell the Democrats to stop their lies, corruption, hoaxes and treason…then we can all come together and the president can do his job! Get to the true root of the problem. Christmas Stitch Merry Kissmyass. It’s sure not President Trump! Noone in office would pass a lie detector all people should really worry about is what’s best for us the people our kids and our kids kids . Who cares about his taxes his phone call all I care is being able to raise my family and them knowing a peaceful world. It’s sad some people are nothing but toddlers and they are not looking at the big picture best economy taking care of veterans baring arms. There’s so much corrupt in office period all of them and Trump’s don’t seem no where near as bad as the idiots trying to impeach or the Clintons. Obama’s im literally scared of raising my babies in this world right now.

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