Christmas Stella Artois Ugly Sweater


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Looking forward to seeing you in The Voice next week. Love your music and your voice keep making the beautiful music and lyrics they’re refreshingly beautiful. My favorite posting is you withheld Botticelli the combination is like from Heaven god bless that voice and writing combination. Please say you’re going to do thinking out loud at Wembley next year or Galway girl as I love them and have tickets to see you with my sister and niece x. I absolutely adore this young man and his music sooo much. Hello greetings Ed Sheeran you sing Beautiful . I am forever thankful for your beautiful music, Ed! I can’t wait for more!!!!. Love your music. roll on 29th when your new album comes through my letter box. . Please never stop playing Perfect, this song means alot to me.. May God bless you with continued success Ed Shereen.. I don’t think you could get any more wonderful! Christmas Stella Artois Ugly Sweater

Christmas Stella Artois Ugly Sweater

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Love your music and voice ,beautiful ,thank you Ed . I love Ed Sheeran but not happy that I ordered 6 cds of Bad Habits and paid for them and never got them. That is bad business by the Ed Sheeran Store.. Love him. I love you are the best. And what about the peasants using android phones? Are we too poor to listen to your music?. By Thursday we’ve already listened to half of the album . Ed Sheeran this girl is an amazing artist and one of your biggest fans. Please take 5 mins to watch this . I Love You from México! Ed Sheeran . Ed,love hearing your music. I can’t wait to see you on the Voice next week!!. I love Ed from Canada . I am looking forward to your concerts in Denmark next Year . LOVE YOUR MUSIC ED SHEERAN ALWAYS HAS BEEN IN 5 YEARS Christmas Stella Artois Ugly Sweater

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You gonna tell the truth this time though, Ed?. Jason Newell he’s literally a musical genius. You know how hard stringed instruments are to play/Learn? He was killing it on violin, guitar, etc, at like 10. Amazing love, love love him.. Jason Newell ED IS ANOTHER EXTREMELY OVERRATED MUSICIAN, WHO WILL NOT BE REMEMBERED IN THE YEARS TO COME.
Pause GIF. My first impression was that Jason was teasing Ed, but i may be mistaken. I just this very minute started following this page. I love Ed Sheerans music!. You guys missed the whole joke lmao. Jason Newell ed was a prick when he was in school people hated him so when he became famous it was a bit of a surprise to say the least. Jason Newell I am not understanding the validity to call out a person? This isn’t our business or concern! It is Ed’s life not ours, he has never claimed to be perfect! We are human we are flawed! What makes humans flawed is, when they don’t treat others with kindness! You sir aren’t exactly being kind.

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