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This is sad and utterly preventable. The current administration is a disgusting disgrace. Cincinnati bengals face mask. These people would be here if the United States had reacted appropriately to this threat. Vote the orange buffoon out in November, it has become life or death.

Cincinnati bengals face mask

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face mask – detail

The economic policies need to be tipped on their head. They should support consumers not just businesses. There needs to be big incentives for business to remunerate people properly and sharing in profits (not punitive) putting more in people’s pockets so that they are stronger consumers.. Cincinnati bengals face mask. Bernie always looks to punish business. We need more tools not just carrots and sticks but mutually beneficial reforms. Mr Trump has let the American people down. The healthcare system in America is one driven by greed so until you get a universal healthcare system where curing people regardless of cost is the basis, then you’re just going through the motions, survival of the fittest rules. Oligarchy and Plutocracy are Government in our world and it won’t be long before it’s actually too late to fight back, the people must vote for democracy or continue to be slaves to the corporations.

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