Colorado for trump flag

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Harris and Buttgeek!! Colorado for trump flag. The worst candidates out there!

Colorado for trump flag

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Kim Jung Un would be a better choice than those degenerates. Regardless of personal opinion, I think lifting a prosecutor with a spotty history on allowing bad behavior from the police up would be a poor choice in this moment. I get the point but looking at the other options I can’t see anyone who’d be better suited on the ticket with Biden. Colorado for trump flag. I’d definitely take Warren over Harris, myself! I’m afraid we’re falling into the same trap that waylaid her and Sanders though, when we assume that Harris is a better fit or has an edge. I’d have taken Warren over Biden in all honesty but I’m worried that having two people of that age on the ticket wouldn’t be ideal. Having an older, more experienced head backed up by a younger energetic VP would put some voltage in the ticket. Biden-Warren wouldn’t be a bad ticket but having two old career politicians that have been the focal target of the Republican attacks down the years wouldn’t be the strongest choice. Maybe not Harris but I’m looking down the list and I can’t see anyone else with that sort of profile. It’s not just about winning this year but setting the party up for the next 8-12 years with a figure they can rally around. Biden and Warren I can’t see running for President in 2024. I think he needs to go with someone from a swing state or someone widely know as Elizabeth Warren. Democrats are 100% sure of winning in California and I don’t Harris be appealing outside the Golden State.

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