Come on caller make me holler bingo shirt



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Top FanJackie MatlockThere should be an end to golden parachutes for CEOs who fail or harm the corporation. 3 . Hugh GiordanoUFCW proud! Pass the PRO- Act now! #UFCW9 . Jimmy RatzlaffNo we will not let Marxist control every aspect of our lives5 . Steve MasonBernie, there is no Constitutional ”right” to form a union. 5 . Vic Strykerand now… GMAC is repoing cars for non pmt which people with no money of course they can’t pay. When I came out of my farmers mkt today. My car was gone. Apparently they use trackers put in cars by FORD and many other manufacturers . Its CORP PAPE AM… See More3 . Top FanRita HodgesWe also need to go out and break up these monopolies which allow companies to basically charge whatever they want. We need to bring back competition to give us competitive prices again. Example. One company makes nearly 100% of a glasses and sunglasses… See More1  Come on caller make me holler bingo shirt

Come on caller make me holler bingo shirt

Peggy LantzAnd no one should be fired for their political opinions. . Pete TysonIn solidarity from the U.K. you tell them Bernie  . Matthew C. WheatonFunny, but I thought you were fighting a law that gave workers the choice to join a union or not.. as opposed to being forced to join a union.6 . Drake CollinsWhen a business owner hires employees, it’s to buy back their time. Nothing about being an employee is supposed to be fair. If you don’t like it, put yourself in the position to hire others. 3 . Steve StahrSays the guy who has never worked or owned a productive organization. Pass. 11 . Joy Stephensand stop CEO’s paying themselves millions of dollars in wages yet laying off thousands of workers during the same period. That is just plain nuts!!4 . Myrtle MillerI have never joined a union because in our state unions are not too big but years ago when I was expecting I worked at the state school and I am a big believer in prenatal care so that meant when it was time to eat I would go eat a good meal in the din… See More2  Come on caller make me holler bingo shirt

Come on caller make me holler bingo shirt

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