Confederate flag eagle face mask

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I’m not entirely convinced of that at all. confederate flag eagle face mask. You can walk into any business, even one with a sign posted, without a mask.

Confederate flag eagle face mask

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face mask- pic 1

You can also have family gatherings, parties, public pools, outdoor events, and playgrounds all without wearing a mask. The icing on the cake tho?? The CDC and “experts” agree that wearing a mask will not protect you from the virus. The surgical mask even states it on the box. um you might revisit the above comments and read again because I never said FU. I don’t speak in such a manner ever. I’m not “Blaming” her at all. confederate flag eagle face mask. The mom worked in a field that had an increased chance of contracting the virus. What was the point of blaming the governor?? He can’t control each and every individual. People are going to do what they want. You said it… this is America. The country of the “I’m going to do what the hell ever I want to do”. The thing is there is so much conflicting information out there that people dont know what’s truth or fiction with this virus. To top it off there is not even an accurate test for it yet. They are trying to make a vaccine as fast as possible and people are gladly lining up to be human guinea pigs for it. Altho, a lot of people wouldnt even want the vaccine. So this lady didn’t wear a mask, because her governor didn’t tell her to? Humans should be able to function safely in their lives without input from their governor. she worked in a hospital. Are you illiterate?

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