Confederate flag eagle customized baseball shirt



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Meghan BrownA new job paying minimum wage so that they can see what it’s really like and understand that their constituents are struggling.352 . Rebecca DarlandYay Bernie Sanders! We should be able to fire them if they are not meeting expectations set forth by the people, who they have sworn to represent!421 . Julie GillernMeans their jobs are too cushy and they aren’t working very hard. They do very well as corrupt politicians.87 . Maurice LegaultOr and agenda that voters will support wouldn’t that be a novel idea!72 . Brian J. StokesMaybe we shouldn’t allow any of these laws since they are unconstitutional. Maybe states shouldn’t be free to put blatantly authoritarian, unconstitutional bills up for vote without consequences.121 . Robert DevereauxAnd not a public-facing job. A WALL-facing job!33 . Jennifer PioliI’m in Florida and the politicians down here are in for a rude awakening when their senior Republican voters aren’t going to be able to stand out in the heat and humidity in long lines to vote 327  Confederate flag eagle customized baseball shirt

Confederate flag eagle customized baseball shirt

Can you give them all but one of your many mansions or is it just words from a loud mouth from a kind full of emptiness when it comes to economic reality.. Diane Adams Neddo Hassler. Why is it the democat message that no one has to work for starvation wages ? Don’t they know anyone that makes decent money ? They’re a nightmare.. Fighting for worker rights and power was painful to get where we are today, there may be more worker pain ahead fighting for worker share of prosperity and job security.. How about back paying us essential workers the same benefits the unemployed got while sitting at home as we never stopped 1 day during this whole what ever it is??? I would love a response… but don’t expect one… like the relief to essentials.. I grew up thinking if I worked, REALLY WORKED HARD, then I could create the life I wanted. I want that to be the kind of America where my kids grow up, because it has not been true for me. Confederate flag eagle customized baseball shirt

Confederate flag eagle customized baseball shirt

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