Confederate flag inside me face mask

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Little late. Confederate flag inside me face mask. Most places I thought that you could vote after you got out of jail.

Confederate flag inside me face mask

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I’ve been a felon since 1997, even though it was minor, but I’ve always been able to vote. I feel like if you’re not in jail, you should be able to vote. Unless maybe you’ve been convicted of murder or rape. Sadly, Florida is one of them even though the voters amended the state Constitution to allow them the vote. The legislature added a poll tax, it was ruled unconstitutional last month, and now the governor wants to get an appeal heard by the entire appelate court instead of the usual 3 judge panel. That’s rarely ever granted. So Florida, with a huge budget hole, is wasting even more money fighting it. Yes, sadly, Florida is still one of the remaining states that takes away voting rights from a felon. Confederate flag inside me face mask. Same with gun rights I think. In Michigan you can never own or possess a pistol ever again but you can purchase and register a long gun after 7 years without trouble. I’m in Wisconsin & not quite sure about the gun rights in other states. Felons cannot possess a firearm at all in Wisconsin. from being a felon himself. If they paid their debt to society, they should be allowed to vote….Simple as that. There’s Gary, one of many fake patriots. Doesn’t care about citizens, only flags. Only cares about the 2nd ammendment but forgets about the 1st, 6th, 14th, and 15th. Go away Gary. We don’t need you.

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