Confederate Eagle Quilt

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Dear Mr. Trump, we, as an Iraqi people, have suffered a lot in previous years from the United States of America and the State of Iran. Confederate Eagle Quilt. We are a people who love life and love to live in peace.

Confederate Eagle Quilt

Confederate Eagle Quilt- super king
Quilt- super king
Confederate Eagle Quilt- queen
Quilt- queen
Confederate Eagle Quilt- king
Quilt- king

We do not want war to break out in the State of Iraq between you and Iran. The only victim is the Iraqi people and the country of saved us and removed us from Soleimani but Influence is strong and needs to be addressed further. Take a way other than war in our country. Confederate Eagle Quilt. We, as an Iraqi people, support you to live in peace and freedom. I trust your good judgement. This war with Iran has been on going for 40 years since Jimmy Carter blew it. Hopefully you can settled it once and for all get us out of that messed up Middle East. Mary Navarro it’s the law of the Middle East! It’s not the ppl its the Regime they control their life. It’s hard to Imagine that! Prey for America to stay great! Thaninphong we don’t have a parliament. If your going to comment on the structure of the US government, get your facts straight. Penny Lynn and that Iran commander killed many Americans!! Appeasement is over for this regime. The Iranian people want their country back too. Like it was 40 years ago. Omega Rugall if he is afraid of them, why in the hell would he send missiles to destroy the evil there after they hit first. He isn’t afraid. That’s what’s scary to. God please send Trump’s supporters to fight this Trump war.. When Trump bought those weapons, he knew where this was going.

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