Cookie monster face mask

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What funds has he used as his own? Cookie monster face mask. He doesn’t control the federal purse strings you idiot…that’s the democratic house.

Cookie monster face mask

Cookie monster face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

God the ignorance!! He donates his ENTIRE salary while your democratic governor Cuomo gets a $71,000 raise. Don gets his money indirectly whenever he uses his facilities—golf courses, hotels, etc. Where do you think his mob and Secret Service stay when he is there. And it is fairly certain that Failing Don is not covering bill out of his pocket. No point trying to reason with trumpods. Cookie monster face mask. They are besotted with Comb Over jesus and they are convinced that he is infallible. Facts mean nothing to them. Should of divested like every other president has. Didn’t have the personal integrity to do it now suffer the consequences absolutely no break. Ok,,please educate me on who has lost the most,?? The MILLIONAIRES or the folks who work each day to LIVE,,?? Not, pay taxes on their estates or many care etc. Just being able to do a honest days work care for families, the TRUTH is it’s the regular guys who do the work that generate those millions,, you know these are the folks that truly need n deserve the help. Of course it has. This is what a minority of Americans elected, and the Republican Party latched onto. A ‘president’ who has not said one kind word to Americans suffering, and is only in this for his own ego. I honestly wish I was wrong. I hate the situation we are in. Yes I’m a liberal, but that doesn’t mean I hate people who vote Republican or believe they are all evil.

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