Corgi Cloth Face Mask

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Thank You for bringing attention to the Health Care Crisis in this country. Thank You for supporting Education for all. Thank you for standing up and supporting Equality for all. You have done more for the people of the US than anyone else. Stay Safe! You have more to do. Corgi Cloth Face Mask. We will miss you and I was really hoping you would be the final candidate for the democratic ticket. You ran a good race and you fought well. May you continue too be blessed in every area of your life. God bless.Amen.

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Corgi Cloth Face Mask

Corgi Cloth Face Mas - Pic 1
Face Mask – Pic 1
Corgi Cloth Face Mas - Pic 2
Face Mask – Pic 2
Corgi Cloth Face Mask - Pic 3
Face Mask – Pic 3

Unfortunate. We now must rally to support the ultimate candidate to defeat Trump and work to get our policies implemented congressionally. The fight is not over until Trump is removed from office. I’m so very heartbroken that our country will not experience the upstanding and devoted President that you would have been. I was so very hopeful that America really truly would be great again. Great with compassion and dignity and truth that only you would have brought about. Corgi Cloth Face Mask. Thank you for your hard working efforts. You might not’ve won the race, but you’ve won the future. You’ve inspired and mobilized the next generation. Politics is a battle of inches and compromise. Chin up Bernie supporters, we have more work to do.

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