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Love how everyone claiming there is no wage gap is white. And if you go to their profiles they’re what they would call middle class. Almost like they never had to deal with a wage gap and are claiming it doesn’t exist just like they claim anything they don’t experience doesn’t exist. Corgi nice butt poster. Maybe it’s time white people stopped claiming there is no problem and at least research what they don’t experience. But that’s asking too much

Corgi nice butt poster

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Corgi nice butt poster 3

If this is true then it should be rectified, but, do black women really get paid less for the exact same job with the exact same experience. An actual apples to apples comparison, and not a contrived comparison. Policies are not the problem. It’s having the leadership and the leverage to get it done that’s the issue. Sanders lacks a spine. His latest lip service with Biden about college loans. Nothing in writing. Lip service , but this time to get progressives to vote for the DNC. Nope. M4a and a living wage Joe. In writing. Corgi nice butt poster. Or green . Rather vote my morals than be complicit in corruption. Race is likely a factor. Gender is tied to child rearing. Women are far more likely to miss work or retire early because women always win the caregiver role. And child support is income based not flat rated, also by far benefiting females more than males. More women own homes then men. Don’t focus on one figure look big picture.

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