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Not true, sure there were jobs but the wages hasn’t changed for a few years now so you’re selling america more lies as usual. Corgi Knowledge Poster. Rose Venable my wages went up, maybe you should either find another job or be the person your employer can’t do without.

Corgi Knowledge Poster

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There are jobs. Your just not looking in the right places or you dont have skills that a employer needs. You can change that. They are offering you a job in their Sears store in China, hurry before someone beats you to it.REnee You will love it there . I am so glad that you will be running for president. I just wish you could do something on the state level. Places like here in Mississippi will not even give the disabled. Medicaid. I’m hiring a few people in the area to keep Data entry records . Corgi Knowledge Poster. Must be willing to get HIPAA certified(its only $15 and takes an hr online). Full and part time $600wk. Message me for more details. I am so happy for you Trump I support you but we still have that issue were there are bullies and the ssi benefits we have alot of people on ssi who can not work but I try to get work but my disability gets in the way I was hit bye a drunk driver when I was 18 years old that made me have migraines and seizures I can barely walk and think due to having migraines or having a shattered hip but having all these bullies out there doesn’t help I have been diagnosed with mental retardation and it’s not nice to put it that way but it’s on my medical files I hate the diagnose but it’s true so yes there are people who are abusing the system but it is not me it really breaks my heart when a person sirs there and accuse me of mooching when I am not I can’t help it.

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