Coronavirus Earth Help Me Shirt, Tank Top And Sweatshirt

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Coronavirus Earth Help Me Shirt. Order now before lose it forever.



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I think it’s fine to make the case that all humans deserve health care but I think ultimately when trying to convince everyone of the necessity for us to all being paying into a system that affords everyone health care regardless of your means, it’s necessary to highlight how this will not only reduce everyone’s overall costs but will prevent people from coming to work sick and filing for bankruptcy when an unexpected event prevents them from being able to work. Coronavirus Earth Help Me. In other words it’s not just the moral thing to do it’s the best thing for everyone’s health and stability.

Coronavirus Earth Help Me Shirt

Coronavirus Earth Help Me Sweatshirt
Coronavirus Earth Help Me Tank Top
Tank Top
Coronavirus Earth Help Me Women Shirt
Women Shirt

Apparently there are 17 people at this time who think this is funny. Just one devastating diagnosis of cancer can wipe you out financially in a very short time. Suppose your 4 year old son or daughter was diagnosed with some form of cancer, requiring a lot of testing to see if it’s metastasized, followed by at least one surgery, months of chemotherapy, then radiation. Coronavirus Earth Help Me. After all that there will be lots of follow up requiring MRI’s frequent lab work, etc. Know how would you explain to your family that you either didn’t have insurance or have just a poor plan that you were cut off before treatment and followup were finished. Millions in medical debt here, because I was diagnosed with cancer and it’s been refractory so I’ve been undergoing constant treatments which means constant debt. Between garnishment, deductible and premiums my medical expenses are literally half of my income. I haven’t been able to work full time since 2013. People don’t understand what any of this means until it hits them.

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