Coronavirus grinch ew people face mask

Do you want it? Coronavirus grinch ew people face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.

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I will await the press release advising that he is corrupt and diverting funds into his personal account.. Coronavirus grinch ew people face mask. While people still donate millions for fresh weather…

Coronavirus grinch ew people face mask

Coronavirus grinch ew people face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

It’s been going on for over 60 yrs to my knowledge, but hey who Am I….. just an embittered white racist…. African here..I’d advise anyone wishing to donate to Africa to get down here handpick who you choose to help 99.9% of what you collectively donate rather buys posh house and cars in Europe and America…just saying. Since I was 5yrs old, through my parents we donated spare money to providing ‘fresh water’ to the beleaguered African nations. Coronavirus grinch ew people face mask. Here we are 60yrs on still doing the same. If the ‘despots’ actually provided water and security, and a stable government, it wouldn’t be required after all this time. Instead another ‘civil war’ takes place to destroy all that went before… I have stopped donating.. Only donations that make it here if not half still are used clothes and reading books but the money is CUT right from there then maybe half that makes it to Africa quenched the despots’ thirst without anything like accountability…Tell your friends to tell friends to STOP immediately. a good idea might be for all the African countries to join together and build a single strong government which would hopefully eradicate the corruption. Because of him and Mugabe my country (South Africa) had to take in tons of Zimbabwean refugees, which created it’s own problems here. Oh thank goodness. I was getting worried; I’d read at least eight comments without anyone blaming the west. What a relief.

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