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Our military leaders and government are evil and from childhood it’s presented to us like we’re doing good in the world. Count von count face mask. Thank you for speaking out for the people, Bernie. I hope you know we elected you. People are continuing to buy military toys for their children and the digital games and TV and movies are even worse. We never really learned from the peace marches in the past. Our generation doesn’t hand down ethical values of trust and forgiveness.

Count von count face mask

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Melody…you seem like a nice person. But you apparently believe the world outside the US is Nirvana, and all the people are nice. Get out a little more…including your internet bubble and you might have a little better opinion of the vast majority of the military. I’m thinking you took a little too much of the Berkley propaganda to heart. Count von count face mask. You must have drunk the whole cup of Faux news propaganda. 19 wars since the last one was declared, and currently involved in 8, not counting the free for all attack on countries in Northern and Central Africa. Our little Republic is going to be the last of the great empires, and the shortest one. Currently in Argentina, extremely nice, super helpful. When was the last time you spent a few months outside the states?

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