Cover your nose too dumbass face mask

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Any sensible and caring leadership would place lives first and do all possible to slow and try to starve the spread. Cover your nose too dumbass face mask. As it is we shall have so many who will die unnecessarily and far more who will be affected in ways which will be devastating in months to come.

Cover your nose too dumbass face mask

Cover your nose too dumbass face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

I was tested positive since June 1st with mild symptoms… I have done another three more tests during this period of over 40 days and my tests are still positive… I get tired so quickly and my legs hurts so bad. Cover your nose too dumbass face mask. Doctor release me already, he said I can still be positive for another four or five months with dead residuals. Who knows I am still afraid of been around my family. i never heard something like this, sorry to hear that. Do you take any medicine to make you feel better? i hope you get recovered soon. Biden will fox as much as he has in the past 48 years in office. What makes anybody think he will actually do anything now? My daughter had it but is still suffering fevers and throwing up blood! Children in Florida for this Virus, do you really think that there won’t be effects on the years to come? Four children died in Florida and they still want up the schools! I want Trump to walk the streets in Florida, where the Virus is more prevalent and shake hands with the people that he wants to send their children to school! Let’s see how brave he is then!!!

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