Cowardly dog filter face mask

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This country was founded on greed under the disguise of being godly. Cowardly dog filter face mask. The mentality of believing you have the right to acquire as much as you can, however you can because the Lord deems it because you are Christian. Biggest lie every told and worst ideology every followed by mankind. I’d imagine making concessions and incremental compromises to those with no intention to either reciprocate or deliver at all on their end would be a part of it.

Cowardly dog filter face mask

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We are not the wealthiest country in the world, we just have some of the wealthiest people in it. If we taxed them correctly, we might we a wealthy nation again. Because the wealthy aren’t the ones in need working in the hospitals. The wealthy look out for the wealthy and they’re all working at home. Cowardly dog filter face mask. It’s straight up corruption. Elected officials are supposed to work for the people, but instead they’re worried about their donors. If our country was working the way it’s supposed to they would be taking care of nurses and grocery workers long before they considered bailing out cruise lines and airlines. And this, Senator, is the reason reasonable people had a tough time voting for you. You ask questions to stir the pot, yet have very little to offer in terms of real solutions.

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