Cowboys america’s team filter face mask

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You track what’s needed on a regular basis and only order and store slightly more than amount needed. Manufacturers track the demand and only manufacture the amount demanded or less. This is a basic profit formula for any business. If businesses prepared all the time for an Epidemic, then they’d hemorrhage money. Cowboys america’s team filter face mask.  There is plenty of research to support ‘likelihood of pandemics going forward (SARS, Ebola, etc.). Also stockpiling weapons and building billion dollars planes is wasteful government spending, as current conditions show, stockpiling medical supplies is life saving and the governments responsibility to the public.

Cowboys america’s team filter face mask

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I agree, but even if a hospital is not aiming to be profitable. We would want it to aim to be cost effective. Cowboys america’s team filter face mask. We see terrible government waste as they throw millions of dollars at projects with no results because of the bureaucrats and “consultants” that dip into the money on a regular basis. Even if the hospital is non profit, the company that makes the masks will be. If hospitals stocked up on masks like an Epidemic was imminent, there would be a lot of raised eyebrows on why taxes were being thrown at a problem that only potentially exists. Like our excessive military. We can’t know what to prepare for, and we have limited resources. It’s probably a wash either way.

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