Cowboys Filter Face Mask

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No kidding Bobby Odom…Cowboys Filter Face Mask. Can’t find anything that qualifies as legitimate news anymore.

Cowboys Filter Face Mask

Cowboys Filter Activated Carbon Pm 2.5 Fm Face Mask- pic 1
Mask- pic 1

It’s all politics under the guise of journalism…Cowboys Filter Face Mask. I’m free to comment on whatever I want if you don’t like dissenting opinion go take up residence somewhere where they don’t allow it…this is propaganda and I’m calling it out for what it’s is. And no I’m not a Fox News fan or a Donald Trump fan so don’t waste your time…just someone who thinks for himself and doesn’t let people feed me BS. Remember when they told you masks wouldn’t help you if you’re healthy? Yeah you probably believed that one too. I did…I thought Obama was a great President. Definitely 100 times better human being than the idiot in charge now I would take him back in a second if we could…but I’m not drinking the CNN Kool Aid. Scott Tankersley don’t tell me what I need I’m right here in the epicenter of this outbreak so you can’t tell me a thing about reality checks. People dying by the thousands we don’t need more panic buying from idiots who soak up this drivel. They are now saying that this virus came from a research lab or bio weapons lab in.wuhan and that one of the staff was splash with horse bar bloody and that the decease was transmitted that way it infected the member of staff that worked at the bio lab in wuhan and started a chain reaction. you need to look in to this the Chinese government was buying up most Ozzie medcail supplies back in October November 2019.

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