Crazy frog lady 2020 quarantined face mask

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How the hell is that terrifying for Republicans? Crazy frog lady 2020 quarantined face mask. I don’t want him re-elected either (I’m Independent btw) but that’s a whole lotta red right down the middle.

Crazy frog lady 2020 quarantined face mask

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That’s why the map is so misleading. More cows in Wyoming than voters. Most of those states have smaller populations but show up as a big red swath. Not everyone who lives in the middle is red, but they are usually outnumbered. That being said, many lifelong Republicans in that part of the country have moved over to the Democrats side since President Trump took office. he still lost by almost 3 million votes. There are more people that hate him, than like him. The blue voter turnout will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. We’re determined to rid ourselves of this embarrassment. Crazy frog lady 2020 quarantined face mask. What you cite (30 v 20) only accounts for a total of 100 electoral votes out of 438 (equivalent to the two Senate seats each state has). The other 338 electoral votes are based on the population of each state (equivalent to the number of U S. Representatives each state has based on last population census). The republicans will go to great lengths to suppress the vote, we know that, and people are counting on it. There will be ways to counter-act it. We said that same thing in 2016. Bear in mind I’m not a leftist either, I’m an Independent but boy oh boy we gotta get him out of there. Are you confusing delegates at the party nominating convention with the number of electoral votes in the actual presidential election? Because California has exactly 55 electoral votes. Not 300.

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