Cronavirus ew people grinch face mask

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Have you missed case after case of ballots being found after the fact … some even in other states? Cronavirus ew people grinch face mask. I live in Wisconsin. Our last election was a disaster with mail in ballots. And no, we’re not talking about limited absentee voting. Registration Information Center found that officials identified just 372 possible cases of double voting or voting on behalf of deceased people out of about 14.6 million votes cast by mail in the 2016 and 2018 general elections or 0.0025 percent.

Cronavirus ew people grinch face mask

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face mask – detail

If the democratic party could be trusted to have mail in voting America might go for it. But we don’t want the votes to be mainly from people who died in 1952 or from illegals, or from your friends in china joe. Mealy mushmouth Joe.. if it crashes the Federal postal system, Trump will still be president during all the fraud and recounts that’s going to happen.. communist strategy.. thousands of dead people and cat votes, illegals out the yin/yang. Well, you did it now, Joe. I believe I heard and saw you call the President the first racist president elected in history. Cronavirus ew people grinch face mask. Extremely bad form, even for a cognitively impaired elder such as yourself. Expect some fierce Build Back Blowback on that one, Man. Umm there is a difference. It’s called absentee voting the process is a little different than just mailing ballots out for anyone to fill out.

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