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We still haven’t seen Trumps tax returns. We still have not heard from Bolton, Pompeo and others (including the President himself). Crop Farmer Knowledge Poster. The House issues the charges and the senate tries the case.

Crop Farmer Knowledge Poster

Crop Farmer Knowledge Poster- 11x17
Poster- 11×17
Crop Farmer Knowledge Poster- 24x36
Poster- 24×36
Crop Farmer Knowledge Poster- 16x24
Poster- 16×24

That is when all evidence and witnesses should come forward. If the President has nothing to hide, he should allow the witnesses to testify and he should testify himself. It is a key component of presumption of innocence and it gives him the opportunity to exonerate himself. Supporting liars,beggars and criminal behaviour. What a shameful person you are. The law is the law whoever you are. You may be thankful for that one day. Don’t be two faced. Proof that using lots of words do not make you sound smarter. Crop Farmer Knowledge Poster. Just post “Maga2020”, eat some more paste and stop pretending you know what you talking about. Justin Smith well your partly right 5 generations back my grandmother came from prussia. My great great grandfather spoke 5 languages and wrote 6 fluently. He was an admiral in the royal navy and was highly decorated by the past queen mum. The silver tea service sits with one of my family in Switzerland. Mostly english and Welch with one family from Sweden. I couldn’t point on a map where my grandmother lived in Prussia. I would love to go back and see it. I imagine it is beautiful. I was born by two Americans in America and I still reside in Montana. Justin Smith thank you for telling everyone I created a valid point. Not sure what your slang language russkaya scatina really means so will discount it.

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