Cross sunflower i can only imagine poster

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Blame, Blame, Blame…….maybe if you had shown respect for the president, and done your job instead of looking for problems that weren’t there you would’t have these problems today. Stop blaming and look at yourself;f.. Where is the oversight! Where is the authority!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!. He did not entice violence. He told people to be peaceful . Stop enticing even more hate and violence Feinstein. Whose husband was given the contract on the useless train in CA.. Remove him from office TONIGHT. He gets more and more dangerous. Please. So what are *you* going to do about it? Talk is one thing, but your constituents want action.. Hey Cross sunflower i can only imagine poster Yeah. The American people are angry because of the injustice that you are responsible for.. Mam, the problem is you and your leaders have locked us down, allowed rioting, constructed a corrupt election. People are fed up. Accept your part in this day.

Cross sunflower i can only imagine poster

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Cross sunflower i can only imagine poster 3
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Your guns should have been blazing long ago Feinstein! You didn’t fight this hard enough in the beginning. #mobboss. A total distortion of TRUTH!!!! You Diane are representing the continuation of voter fraud.. Senator Feinstein you should be demanding Donald leave the office immediately due to this incredible in-our-face illegal activity.. Just like you democrats! biden blurted out,the dem formed a extensive election fraud,but we’re told it was misinterpreted. Thank you Senator Feinstein for stepping forward and commenting on Trump criminal activity with the Sec of State in Georgia I wish I could see Pelosi and Schumer in front of the cameras throwing a fit about it and speaking for us!!. The senator with a Chinese spy under her eyes. Hypocrisy. Charge him with SEDITION and ELECTION TAMPERING!. Indict or sue him. He’ll soon be a regular citizen and won’t be able to hide behind the cloak of presidential power. Treat him like a tax dodger Cross sunflower i can only imagine poster

Cross sunflower i can only imagine poster

There are no consequences to his actions so he is going to continue along this criminal path. There has to be something that can be done to stop him. I know he only has a few days left but there is an incredible amount of damage that can be done in tho… See More. That’s all great Diane, but prosecuting such a flagrant disregard for the law should be the first consideration. “Borders on extortion”, seriously? Impeach.. If they are asking for the election to be overturned let them present their evidence. So what if they are wrong? Let’s have the same openness as offered to Feinstein the senator responsible for having Blayze Ford having been brought into the United Sta… See More. With all respect, Your words are not enough, Senator Dianne Feinstein . He will continue to be more and more brazen unless he faces real consequences for his criminality.

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