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That some nutcases spread false information about the “explosion in knife murder” very popular amongst some right wingers, did you read the whole commentary? Cunt Knit Beanie. You all do realize the USA has an enormous population compared to these other nations?

Cunt Knit Beanie

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Like of course we have more instances, duh… We have a higher population. Barbara Elaine of course not or in Britain with all the stabbings or the Middle East with all the bombs exploding so what’s new. The stabbing casualties are very low on international standards, but have risen somewhat in British standards, so don’t spread this sht. Spencer Hunt Crime rates are figured per capita, so a total population has nothing to do with crime rate statistics. James Colvin it was taken from the wall of an historic building. Cunt Knit Beanie. Plus it just shows that Europeans are not wimps that need their gun to fight the bad guys. They just use whatever is at their disposal. Sadly 2 dead but that is but a small figure of those in most US attacks. It also could have been higher had members of the public, without guns fyi, not jumped in. Google all the civilians that have fought muggers and burglars with their walking sticks/screwdrivers, pipes and fists. All without knives or guns. Oh and you’ll be shocked to find how many were elderly! We are made of strong stock over here it seems. We have returned to the actions of the “old west”. That period did not last long. Hope this one ends soon. Dovie Corbin try reading some legitimate sources, such as newspapers or historical studies of the old west period.

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