Custom Name Donkey Nice Arse Poster

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If you were president when that happened you would’ve probably had a surrender, you would’ve convinced half the Americans that it was our fault. Custom Name Donkey Nice Arse Poster. Was that a stop at your apology tour, people that don’t like America shouldn’t live here. The U.S. still owes an apology to the Japanese people for the war crime of intentionally bombing civilians. While it was not technically a crime at the time, there were no grounds for moral equivocation then, and there certainly aren’t grounds for it now.

Custom Name Donkey Nice Arse Poster

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Educated, smart people who want a fair world for all miss smart great Presidents of America, but trust me there are some foreigners in America who worship this dictator as they do not realize once upon a time they too left their mother land and were the recipient of America’s generosity but when people get a little money they become selfish, maybe they belong to an era where women were in the kitchen & took care of babies, while the man was the boss fine but do not impose those old stale mindset on others. Custom Name Donkey Nice Arse Poster. Educated people want a honest fair & inclusive world. Families that a used to mistress and a wife love this motor mouth full of fluff. He is ready to sell the country to a dictator and uneducated brains who only love the old dated style of leadership love him. Man cannot read, write or speak and then he has a wife , oh Lord where did she come from, cold , aloof and she is just an empty object

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