Custom Memory Pillowcase

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Removable zippered case
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You on the left who actually said you watched th hearings came away that they had evidence, must have watch d a hearing on a different subject. Custom Memory Pillowcase. Their star witness who was used by other so called witnesses over 600 claimed Trump told him that he wanted nothing in return.

Custom Memory Pillowcase

Custom Memory Pillowcase-picture 1
Pillowcase-picture 1

The president of Ukraine said he doesn’t know what the democrats are talking about and the transcripts do not show any wrong doing. GO WATCH IT AGAIN. It all political. They said they were going to impeach before he was sworn into office. Custom Memory Pillowcase. They lied to get fisa warrant and the Clinton bought Steele dossier was unreliable lies. It’s all lies. Democrats tried to get Ukraine to help them and are now caught and blaming Trump for what they themselves actually did. Democrat hate has bkind d them so bad that they are exposing themselves of the corruption they weave. Moscow Mitch has already said he would block the impeachment and it is known that the Republican Party is putting pressure on all its Senators to vote NO on impeaching…or lose there seat. I can guess where you’re getting your misinformation, but Dems didn’t run on Impeachment! Some may have run supporting the Impeachment Inquiry, but can you name Any that ran on Impeachment? Schintgen just what kind of woman supports an despicable human being, a man who hates and mistreats women? Obviously,not a Christian. Christians don’t support men who break all Ten Commandments…over and over! And for all of the people that you see saying that the Democratic candidates should recuse themselves from the vote in the Senate, they have to remember that he has already been impeached.

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