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Indeed…. of course they can… but a super yacht is more important to them than a single mother/father etc being able to pay rent and buy healthy food for her children.. In Rhode Island they’re going to add the $15 minimum wage through four years so I imagine a dollar a year I just wonder how high inflation will be in four years the same same game the poor get poor and the rich get richer they make you think they giving you some time and give you nothing but sorrow and anxiety. Seems to me they go on strike every time i get in the drive thru lane.. McDonald’s is a great place to work, if you work your way up and take advantage of the benefits offered. Making more than 15 an hour now if you figure the value of the benefits.. Our McDonald’s workers get more than 15$ not usa obviously Customize Name Firefighter Circle Round Rug

Customize Name Firefighter Circle Round Rug

Republicans are greedy you-know-whats. Who can afford to pay more taxes? It’s the millionaires and especially billionaires whose income has skyrocketed in the past four years. The money is there and it is excess. They shouldn’t have been given tax breaks in the first place.. You are so right Bernie Sanders, You are a man with integrity,honesty and a beacon of hope for the people of this country. The enemy from within want to destroy the democracy, and turn this country of hope on a totalitarianism of hate.. Tania Narvaez-Reyes. Save us! This has to stop!!!!!!!How is it possible that voters still believe the Republicans are working in the people’s best interests!. Well Trump lowered my taxes, so there’s that.. No new taxes on the middle class. We have been supporting Corperate America for long enough. Corperate America uses our public utilities FOR PROFIT and puts nothing back in unless they are on a toll road. They also get subsidized by the welfare system which is supported for through income tax, which corporations don’t pay into in any significant way. Too much already! Customize Name Firefighter Circle Round Rug

Customize Name Firefighter Circle Round Rug

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