Dachshund american flag flower cloth mask

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Big freaking deal! Where’s your pandemic policies? Did they even make it out of committee? Dachshund american flag flower cloth mask. Talk about a failure of leadership, you’re working with the enemy to “fight” the enemy. Bernie, I can’t express how disappointed I am in you.

Dachshund american flag flower cloth mask

Dachshund american flag flower cloth mask - detail
cloth mask – detail

You and Warren both sold out on perfectly good policies on student loans and healthcare to the DNC. I was an avid Warren supporter for years and would have voted for you as well. My family would have really benefitted from those polices and Biden has given me zero reason to believe he’ll do anything anywhere close to progressive policies after he beats Trump. Dachshund american flag flower cloth mask. We could have beaten Trump with good policies that affected all of us. I know you don’t want to split the vote but you ended up risking a lot of blue votes to apathy when you lost the energy needed to turn out voters in large numbers. We are just tired now. I’ll “probably” vote. But if I vote, I’m also responsible for when Biden doesn’t do jack crap to help my soon-to-be family of 5’s bottom line. I take my civic responsibility seriously in concerns to voting. I was one of the ones who lambasted protest voters in 2016 and even I am more apathetic about voting for President in 2020 than I ever have been.

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