Dachshund poses american flag garden house flag



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Samantha PiehlIf everyone carried, it could’ve been 1 death instead of 8, and zero injured. Criminals don’t and won’t obey gun laws.1 . Randy WangShould have much more strict laws & reduce gun ownership  . Maggy SánchezWe need new laws. It’s horrible people can go around getting any kind of firearms . B Lynne RobertsGood guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with the gun.1 . Wanda MulliganTexas just passed a law that will allow unregistered guns to be carried by unlicensed, untrained individuals. My only question is WHY?? Does the NRA have that much power over our legislators?? It is not right that an organization have so much power ove… See More1 . Eliot McCannThe rest of the planet is already fucking sick and tired of your country’s idiotic obsession with firearms. Come back and talk to us when you’re civilised. . Christine PitcherThere are children growing up right now who think flags are supposed to be flown at half staff.They have seen it continuously for YEARS!  Dachshund poses american flag garden house flag

Dachshund poses american flag garden house flag

Reta TerefeBut you are crying in Ethiopian current situation rather than preserving your citizens human right. Hands off Ethiopia . We will solve our internal problem no need of destructive negotiators like US. If you don’t hands of from Ethiopia you will see hea… See More1 . Elsie KoppaJapan has one of the best gun control laws as does Germany. . Diane BellardAs long as there are members of Congress indebted to the NRA, they will never do what’s right to pass gun safety laws that the majority of Americans support. . Dustin RaineyOr – hear me out – we could do something to address the mental health epidemic in this country, particularly among young people. “Gun control” just gets rid of one tool. Mental health helps solve the problem. . Leslie Pollock OlsenPresident Joe Biden I respect you, and support you 100%. However, I am increasingly disappointed in your lack of action on gun control. This post is just more empty words, as useless as “thoughts and prayers”. When are you going to DO something?  Dachshund poses american flag garden house flag

Dachshund poses american flag garden house flag

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