Dachshund waiting at the door poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Dachshund waiting at the door poster. Order now before lose it forever.

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In a country that.pays representatives 200,000 to ruin the country,give themselves raises every year what do you expect,social security gave a 10 dollar increase and raised medicare 15 dollar increase I think we’re to far gone to fix anything. Yes it is -when we gave Dems the majority and instead of using it they decide to work with republicans is proof we don’t have two parties-we have one. This is a pathetic state of affairs in a country that has so much excess food and the ability to get that food out to people who really need it. We as a country and in our own communities can do a better job.. We already produce more food per tonnage and caloric value than each American needs. The. Government steals… Ahem takes money from the taxpayer for food assistance programs for the poor and women and children, so again who in America is starving? Dachshund waiting at the door poster

Dachshund waiting at the door poster

Dachshund waiting at the door poster 3
Dachshund waiting at the door poster 3
Dachshund waiting at the door poster 2
Dachshund waiting at the door poster 1

I’m sure you’re not hungry Omar. Let people go to work. Quit being such fascists when it comes to the enteprenuer s in this country. I know this is a hated term for you fascist socialist do nothings.. Yes they talk about india and how bad it is take a look at California . tent City’s and in every city of the USA now most of those folks won’t even have a mail box to revive their stimulus I think we turned nearly to a third world country our homeless … See More. You have no business serving in any capacity in American government. You are poison to the way of life my father fought to preserve in WW2.. Disgusting. My wife is a school counselor in a “good” school and they have a lot of families that need food and lack basic necessities, like warm winter coats. Their school has become a de-facto charity, which shouldn’t be its purpose but because educa… See More Dachshund waiting at the door poster

Dachshund waiting at the door poster

It’s literally a democratic house senate and potus right now.. This is what happens when you shut the entire world down. We know the games that your all playing.. This isn’t the wealthiest country in the world. If you’re truly going to be a representative of this country try learning a little about it!. Then quit voting to send money to foreign countries and quit allowing illegals in our country and take care of our own FIRST!. So why then are we sending money to Paris Accord when we need it here and now ? Why ?. Surprised you haven’t heard of SNAP, WIC, etc. All programs to provide poor Americans with food.. Hare Krishna mataji we need to cook everyone on earth the best vegan maha prasadam to alkaline the blood of everyone to fight cancer and end animal cruelty.. Starve, can’t afford meds, rent…education, clean water. Always remembers these names in all you congressional affairs and not be intimidated:

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