Dad Character Sheet Mug and T-shirt

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He’s been prime minister for 130 days. Dad Character Sheet Mug. Don’t think you can blame him for everything that’s happened in the past.

Dad Character Sheet Mug

Dad Character Sheet Mug- light blue
Mug- light blue
Dad Character Sheet Mug- gold
Mug- gold
Dad Character Sheet Mug- classic pink
Mug- classic pink

See what happens next week. John Howard he delivered on everything he promised a the mayor of London, so what has that scum Corbyn ever delivered on apart from promising big dreams of free stuff which has also not been costed in reality. Just pipe dreams for the gullible like you that cannot see the woods for the trees. Tory political party broadcast. I would liked to have timed who spoke the most as it seemed to me BJ kept butting in and was allowed too. I’ll agree with that.. Fiona Bruce did a better job on question time, at one point she told them to shut up. Must say to have been a balanced audience, I didn’t hear many Welsh, Scottish or Irish accents. It was blatant, and not just from ex tory party activist Nick Robinson… Dad Character Sheet Mug. When Johnson was talking, the camera was on Johnson, when Corbyn was talking, the camera kept cutting back to Johnson, shaking his head and looking incredulous at what Corbyn was saying. BBC Pro Tory and anti Corbyn bias is just so blatant. Asking wrong questions regarding NHS. There are so many ways to screw with the NHS without an actual sale. A run of the mill contest between corbyn and Johnson with no direct blows struck from either side . So it looks like the conservatives are on course for victory next Thursday. The difference is Labours absolutely terrible brexit policy of negotiating a deal in 3months and then having a people’s vote 3 months after that .

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