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Why would a Dr risk their medical licence and years of study to lie on a death certificate. Dad you suck at nothing mug. I’m a nurse in an Australian hospital and I don’t believe Drs in a developed country would do that.

Dad you suck at nothing mug

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Yeah, nice try. So if they have complicating factors that were being managed, but this powerful virus is what put them over the edge, what would you say the “cause of death” was? Remember, words, concepts and science are important in this case. Say you have cancer. You’re dying. You get in your car to drive to the doc, grocery, wherever. You get in a accident. Not a major one but bc you body is so weakened from the cancer, you dont survive the accident. What killed you?? Dad you suck at nothing mug. In the end, the car accident killed you. If you hadn’t gotten in that accident you wouldve survived. Whether ot be 1 day or 3 years. It doesnt matter. the majority of AIDS patients never actually died of AIDS. For example one of the side effects is it can destroy the immune system, therefore those infected could die of a common cold. While it’s true the cold is what actually killed them, it was the result of having AIDS. Same concept. People wouldn’t have otherwise died had they not gotten the virus. Your data is just a crack pot “news” source. Show us the data you have acquired yourself or shut up and listen to the scientists. She is correct that 86-88% die on ventilators, but this is all trial and error. I think we followed Italy to closing out of shear desperation.

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