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Mr. Mark, I hope you understand my situation, we do not want the new Facebook because it does not help your old Facebook much better. We want your old Facebook.. What is the reason that anytime I tried to add on my account I always refresh. In these days we have been hearing many bad things happening all around the world. Terrorism is a cancer of our time. I think through technology and information maybe we can limit this. Is facebook doing anything in this sense? If yes, how are you planning to accomplish that?. Ciao Mark, what can your history teach to young entrepreneur? Similarly to American magazine, Entrepreneur, Millionaire gives advice to young entrepreneurs…., the most read italian webzine about innovation and startups, has joined Townhall Q&A invitation and asked to 5 roman innovation ecosystem leaders to formulate Zuckerberg not one but three questions each. Daisy flower god says you are special poster The result are fifteen major themes, with suggestions and scenarios for Facebook and Italy in terms of coding, makers, startups, venture market. STARTUPITALIA.EU Zuckerberg in Rome. 5 startup ecosystem leaders questioning Facebook’s dad

Daisy flower god says you are special poster

Hi Mark, thanks for the chance to speak with you. I am co-founder of Snapback, a startup that designs and develops multimodal interfaces for natural and immersive interaction with the surroundings. Mobile devices are still based on the old desktop paradigm of touch and sight. Surely it will change. According to you, how the Human-Machine interaction will evolve? Which market will be disrupted by these new interfaces?. Hello Mark Zuckerberg, the name of the city I live in is Marotta, Marche cities, an Italian region. Too bad that Facebook is so determined to write that Marotta is in Emilia Romagna, another region. Despite repeated warnings, Facebook does not correct this geographical error. Is it’possible to do something? It is as if to say that Menlo Park is located in Maine, it’s not a nice situation for the Marotta’s people. Thank You . Safety Check is great for disasters like the earthquake in Italy. What’s the next step? How are you planning to improve it to be even more helpful? Daisy flower god says you are special poster

Daisy flower god says you are special poster

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