Dallas cowboys filter face mask

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Freeze rent? not only that! but come on! where is the stimulus money that people needs urgently!? IRS had to laid off their people! tax refunds on hold. I am one of them! unemployment!? doesn’t even exist ! this country fells to protect the citizens. Dallas cowboys filter face mask. I am sick of all politics and government over all! I didn’t vote for Trump ..but now I see there is zero light at the end of the tunnel. I feel sorry for her, but housing is not free. There is usually a mortgage to pay, property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, supplies, and inspection fees. If tenant does not pay rent, there is usually no money to pay anything else and neither the current tenant or a future tenant will have a home.

Dallas cowboys filter face mask

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face mask – Pic 1
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face mask – Pic 2
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face mask – Pic 3

That’s crazier than some of Bernie’s delusional schemes, many landlords have mortgages on their investment property, many offer some with paid utilities, and who will pay the property taxes and insurance? Maintenance and upkeep. Dallas cowboys filter face mask. The alternative will be millions of unemployed workers and families made homeless. Freeze negative action against landlords too. We’re in a pandemic that requires extreme measures to keep us alive. Our tax dollars should be used to save us. Joe thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter I really appreciate that you see how much people are in need. Thank you from a Bernie supporter and good luck against Trump I will be voting for you

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