Darth vader starry night poster

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Can’t believe the number of people who jumped on him without reading the post properly ! Darth vader starry night poster. Great punchline!

Darth vader starry night poster

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poster – A4
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poster – A1

I understand ,so many awful comments ,sometimes our minds just see the beginning and imagine the worst. Darth vader starry night poster. I applaud you for being big enough to realise your mistake and apologise .You have a just mind. I’m talking about the original comment. It was not sarcastic and he only edited later after people called him out on it. I’m hopping faith knows how to work a mechanical ventilator. Hopefully he will need one. he’s just applying the administration’s ignorance is bliss mentality. He doesn’t believe in germs you can’t see so the next “logical” step… If I can’t see the danger it doesn’t exist… quick, cover your eyes! The health care workers shouldn’t talk to him at the first place till he is wearing a mask ,everyone needs to follow instructions. Well, he is a t-Rump puppet and his faith will protect him. When “faith” replaces reason the results are moronic! VP or not’ the Mayo Clinic should have told him to GTFO if he is unwilling to comply with the rules of the clinic. The Mayo Clinic are just as culpable in this case, they failed their staff and patients by allowing Pence to potentially infect staff and patients. Jane Beaulieu surgical masks don’t fully protect you from getting the virus but they are quite effective at stopping you from giving it to someone else. I’m referring to the type of mask in the image. So yes they are to stop you giving it to patients and staff incase you unknowingly have it.

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