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Kimberley Gianacoplis FultzDo I get to watch videos of Chris Hemsworth telling me how to workout then I’m in.9 . Neela SivakumarIs it ok if i live in India but I’m still interested?14 . Tony SeguraYes so true & do hard to get motivated especially this entire year!!! I will make 2021 the best to my ability. Just like drew Barrymore said; “Get Moving, get moving!”9 . Alex McGuicken6 weeks of Thor, I could do that 16 . Erin AshleyIs Chris Hemsworth part of the package deal … I’ll take it!21 . Donna RhodesI would love to do this! I am currently a member of beachbody but would love to give your programmes a go! Chris you are definitely selling it!12 . Linda Nave JoynesI wish I wasn’t 70 yrs old & with Rheumatoid Arthritis I would do it. Alternative??12 . Pamela LaccaThis man.Who can transform his body from lean and mean to beast…and back again..genetic marvel. God Speed, Chris. (I’d do your program but cardio is icky) 11  Darts Are You Ready For Some Darts 3D Hoodie

Darts Are You Ready For Some Darts 3D Hoodie

Nusaibah Rahamani was wondering why he was wearing earrings 3 . Denise Williamsthis is absolute GOLD I have loved this problem since i started almost a year ago. i commit to the 6 week programs no matter what! Sometimes its tough but its always worth it! 10 . Allie JacobsGina Scotto this is hilarious. And also pretty sure I’ve said that first line before. I mean it’s a logical selling point. 13 . Melissa OwensWhat have you done to Steve Rogers???3 . Caryn Ranado PageThis is AMAZING….hysterical and wonderful. Just what I needed today.8 . Deb SmithWe really are the best at taking the piss 6 . Ty AlanWhy do I get this post 1 hour after it’s posted. 15k reviews before i see it. I want to see my morning paper on time people.just kidding5 . Cane Crúz Jr.Look like Chris with his chicken rice and broccoli diet. Test, Deca and tren, that’s his team. Not with an app2  Darts Are You Ready For Some Darts 3D Hoodie

Darts Are You Ready For Some Darts 3D Hoodie

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