David rose ew covid face mask

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If they were peaceful, there would be no problem. Are you unable to see the fires set, the trashing of businesses and people’s cars, and the assaults on people just trying to get around town? David rose ew covid face mask. You act like they were all sitting, holding flowers in their hands, and singing songs of peace. Something is very wrong with you.

David rose ew covid face mask

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face mask – detail

liar they are protecting Federal Court House building because the stupid mayor was going to let them burn it down which is illegal & tax payers are on the hook! The local fools are letting them destroy Federal Property & that’s the Presidents job when the stupid Mayors are helping the mobs! Wake up, moms and dads with their hands up in the air, singing. David rose ew covid face mask. Don’t Shoot” not peaceful enough for you?!! Mr. Suburbanite with a leafblower is not exactly the image most Americans conjure up when thinking of anarchy. Like the Boston Tea Party illegally dumping tea or the American Revolution fighting against the legal ruler of the Colonies. How dare they? Fighting for your country and your freedom doesn’t HAVE to be peaceful.

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